Antipasti - Appetizers - Snacks
are delicious small dishes

Delicious Antipasti / Appetizers & SNACKS

Antipasti - Appetizers & Snacks at the Swiss Italian Restaurant are delicious small dishes

Antipasti at the Swiss Italian Restaurant are delicious small dishes in Italy are called “Antipasti” which we serve at the Swiss Italian Restaurant in advance to stimulate your appetite.

Antipasti at the Swiss Italian Restaurant are palate like delicate cuts of prosciutto, salame, marinated vegetables, or the classics such as vitello tonnato, beef carpaccio or tagliata di bue. However, sott'oli and sott'aceti, plain bread or parmesan with fruity “extra-virgin olive oil" or with pesto are as well as considered as an appetizer.

Antipasti - Bruschetta


toasted bread, rubbed with garlic, evoo, topped with ham, onion, basil, tomatoes, leaf’s or rucola (if available) and parmesan cheese
Php 430.00
Php 390.00
w/o ham

Antipasti - Beef Carpaccio

Beef Carpaccio

prime beef fillet marinated in a delicate evoo, lemon vinaigrette garnished with tomatoes, rucola and thinly sliced parmesan,
Php 790.00

Antipasti - Cocktail di Gamberi

Cocktail di Gamberi

prawns, green leaf’s, homemade cocktail sauce served with bread
Php 590.00

Antipasti - Maiale Tonnato

Maiale Tonnato

cold pork loin on a tangy tuna sauce, garnished with marinated, vegetables, cherry tomatoes, rucola and/or green leaves. Served with bread
Php 620.00


may change without prior notice!